Movement Control Seals

ES Seals - "When Pressure Meets Movement"

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Seals, Waterstops and Associated Underground Construction Products


USL Ekspan is a well known provider of specialist underground construction products and services specifically for tunnels, basements and car parks. 


From design, manufacture and installation through to asset maintenance we understand the complexities and challenges faced in the underground construction market space.


Product Portfolio

  • Rubber Polymers - ES Seal


  • Waterstops 
  • Steel works
  • Fasteners
  • Fireproof cladding
  • Ancillary products



  • All structures that anticipate movement and pressure
  • Tube to station connections
  • Caissons to caissons connections
  • Underground car parks 
  • Basement to basement connections in high rise buildings



  • Design 
  • BIM Assets

  • Onsite technical assistance

  • Global supply
  • Local expertise