Ekspan, a UK based mechanical engineering company since 1990, continue to operate in their specialist field of structural movement control for large loads on bridges and structures such as buildings, highways, rail, car parks, pipelines, wind turbines, offshore oil and gas platforms, large machinery, bespoke fabrications and installations. Ekspan supply a diverse range of structural products from bridge bearings, expansion joints, drainage systems to specialist fabricated component parts.


All product supply is complimented with Ekspan’s comprehensive range of services for product and site support. These can be delivered either as a principal contractor or sub-contractor basis. Our services include; design, manufacture, installation, inspection, temporary works and site maintenance.

Bearing Installation & Maintenance

Ekspan is the UK's largest quality bearing supplier and installer to meet demands both in the UK and worldwide.

Ekspan provide:

  • A full range of mechanical and elastomeric bearings for many different articulation requirements
  • An extensive range of standard structural bearings in sizes from 50 to 3000 tonne capacities
  • Custom designed bearings for more challenging applications
  • Structural bearings manufactured and marked in accordance with either EN1337 or BS5400
  • Full bearing service support, including installation, maintenance and refurbishment
  • Technical engineers / site team mobilised to not only service Ekspan bearings, but also any related structural defects including emergency works
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Expansion Joint Installation

Ekspan supply an extensive range of mechanical and elastomeric expansion joints and seal joints, where the majority have Highways England SA-1 accredited approval.

  • Ekspan's skilled site engineers have been installing expansion joints for more than 20 years
  • Ekspan install simple seal joints to more complex roller shutter joints
  • Ekspan joints are installed on bridges (highway and rail), car parks and buildings

Ekspan carry out joint installations both in the UK and worldwide. If you have a requirement for a specific application, please send us your details and we will review and advise which expansion joint will best suit your needs.

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Bridge Jacking & Temporary Works

Bridge jacking and temporary works are an essential part of most bearing replacement and refurbishment operations, ensuring works are carried out safely and efficiently without affecting the integrity of the structure.

Ekspan provide:

  • A diverse array of jacking and propping solutions for either standard or bespoke applications
  • Tailor-made schemes engineered for more complex and demanding applications
  • A full range of hydraulic and propping equipment
  • Jacks of varying configurations with individual capacity between 5 tonnes to 500 tonnes
  • In-house computerised monitoring systems for measuring and recording data throughout the jacking process
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Bearing & Expansion Joint Inspection

The importance of carrying out bearing and expansion joint inspections by proficient and competent engineers who understand their functionality can often be key to maximising a structure’s lifespan and avoiding major, unexpected, emergency repair costs.

Ekspan bearing inspections typically cover:

  • Bearing functionality, condition, articulation arrangement, residual capacity and material wear
  • Dimensional checks and measurements recorded and photographed for inclusion in a comprehensive report

Ekspan expansion joint inspections cover:

  • Functionality and condition, including individual components and surrounding sub-structure
  • Dimensional checks and measurements recorded and photographed for inclusion in a comprehensive report

The report offers options for ongoing corrective and preventive maintenance measures.

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ECI (Early Contractor Involvement) & Technical Support

Ekspan provide:

  • Skilled engineers and design team to develop and assist schemes to suit requirements
  • Technical and consultancy support on current schemes, from design to installation
  • ECI involvement on new and bespoke contracts
  • Technical presentations on Ekspan products and installation


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Swing bridge & Foot bridge Design, Fabrication & Installation

Ekspan have carried out a number of projects for swing bridges and foot bridges. From design, fabrication of all structural components, to trial erection and final installation.

Details of these type of bridge installations can be supplied on request.

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